Who gets the most speeding tickets?

Who do you think gets the most speeding tickets in a given year, if you’re trying to look at a specific group? Most people would probably say either “teen drivers” or “young men.” Both have a stereotypical reputation for driving quickly and breaking the rules — either on purpose or through a lack of experience.

However, this helps show why you need to be very careful with stereotypes. The reality is that young men are not the demographic with the most speeding tickets in your typical year.

That honor goes to adult drivers between 30 years old and 49 years old. If you want to break it down even further, those who earn more than $75,000 per year and who also fall into that age group are the most likely to get a ticket. The median income in the United States is about $52,000, so these are people who make considerably more than the average.

Why do they get more tickets? For one thing, many of them are busy professionals and parents of young children. They have busy schedules and a lot of deadlines. They often risk it and speed just because they can never seem to get everything done.

That relatively high income may play a role as well. A college student with $500 in a bank account just can’t afford a speeding ticket. A young professional with thousands in savings and a steady income can weather than financial hit much more easily, and they know it. The risk isn’t as great.

If you do get a speeding ticket, regardless of your age, make sure you understand all of the legal options that you have.

Police claim they stopped driver at 127 miles per hour

Most people break the speed limit. Maybe you go 60 mph when you’re in a 55-mph zone. Maybe you go 80 mph when you’re in a hurry on the interstate. Maybe you have accidentally sped through zones where you did not realize the limit had dropped. It happens.

However, some incidents stand out because they go beyond these relatively minor infractions. That’s what happened in a recent case where police claim that a driver on the I-580 was going 127 mph.

It appears from photos that the car, a Hyundai, got pulled over by an officer on a motorcycle. The speed gun shows 127 mph in the picture, with the car stopped on the side of the road. The police then posted about the stop on social media in order to show people that they take these things seriously.

At that speed, the driver was given a misdemeanor speeding ticket.

While you personally may never get a ticket at speeds like this, it is important to understand that citations and potential ramifications get more and more serious at higher speeds. While getting a ticket for going five mph over the limit may not feel like a big deal, getting a misdemeanor for going well over 100 mph puts you in a very tough spot.

In a situation like that, it is very important that you understand all of the legal options you have. Aside from the financial impact of the ticket, you need to think about the points on your license, the potential impact on your career and much more.