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A Guide to Understanding the Common Traffic Ticket Errors

Whether you’ve recently received your driver’s license or have owned a vehicle for a while, you should know the significance of responsible driving. It can reduce the risk of road fatalities, accidents, and injuries and help passengers enjoy a safe journey. 

Unfortunately, others overlook its significance, leading to getting a traffic ticket. While these incidents usually are the driver’s fault, sometimes a law enforcement officer can wrongly accuse you of a violation. For this reason, you should contact a ticket lawyer to discuss the best way to handle the situation. 

If you want to maximize the consultation with your ticket lawyer, this article will enumerate some common traffic ticket errors cops and drivers make. 

5 Common Traffic Ticket Errors Cops Make

This section will enumerate some common mistakes law enforcers make that can warrant the help of a ticket lawyer and a case dismissal. 

1. Getting the Wrong Vehicle Identification

Receiving a traffic ticket can affect a driver’s driving record and finances, especially if a law enforcement officer wrongfully accuses them of something they didn’t do. For this reason, officers should always be precise when identifying a vehicle. 

If they don’t get the correct details, like the car’s color and registration number, it can result in the judge throwing out the court case. 

2. Listing the Wrong CA Vehicle Code

When an officer makes a mistake on a traffic ticket and enters the incorrect code, a judge might be forgiving. However, the judge may side with the defendant if they inaccurately record a non-existent or irrelevant code. You must also remember that experienced ticket lawyers know how each judge handles erroneous citations. 

3. Not Completing the Ticket

A judge would dismiss the case if the officer didn’t fill out the ticket with the driver’s license number, the driver’s name, or details about the violation. However, they may still accept it if officers don’t provide less critical data. 

4. Getting the Wrong Driver’s License Number, Name, or Both

The judge can dismiss the citation if the police officer enters the wrong driver’s license information, such as an incorrect letter or number. 

5. Engaging in a Speed Trap 

If you think a law enforcement officer cited you for violating the speed limit, immediately consult a ticket lawyer. They can explain what constitutes a speed trap and how to protect yourself from trouble.

5 Common Traffic Ticket Errors Drivers Make 

While the traffic officer can make costly mistakes, you must remember that your wrong actions have consequences. After discussing the errors of a police officer, this section will enumerate some common traffic ticket errors drivers make. 

1. Arguing with a Police Officer 

Fighting with a law enforcement officer is pointless. Instead, accept the consequences and argue the issue in court if you disagree with the decision. 

2. Not Consulting a Ticket Lawyer

Whether you’re guilty or innocent, you must consult a ticket lawyer when you get a traffic ticket. Otherwise, you’ll pay hefty fines and increased insurance costs. 

3. Admitting Guilt 

While staying quiet when admitting a traffic violation is usually ideal, you should explain yourself immediately if you rush to bring someone to the hospital. 

4. Not Signing the Ticket 

Signing a ticket isn’t admitting to guilt. However, refusing to sign can force you to post bail.

5. Not Finishing Traffic Violators School before the Ordered Completion Date

You can keep your ticket confidential and protect your insurance by finishing Traffic Violators School (TVS) before the court’s completion date. You should also let the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) approve it and pay the fine, court clerk fee, and tuition. 

Final Thoughts 

Getting a traffic ticket can be distressing, especially if someone wrongly accuses you of something you didn’t do. You can protect your driving record by following road regulations and consulting a professional ticket lawyer. 

If you need an experienced California ticket lawyer, consult Mr. Ticket! We’re committed to aggressively representing our clients who have received moving violations. Contact us now, and let’s help get that ticket dismissed!

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