Penalties For Drunk Driving In California

Drunk Driving Penalties

Penalties For Drunk Driving In California

In the state of California, drunk driving is still a huge issue, even with the steep penalties involved with being caught. Hundreds of thousands of citations are issued for DUI and DWI each year. Those who are charged with driving while under the influence of alcoholic beverages can face some rather severe drunk driving penalties in Los Angeles.

The first of the drunk driving penalties in Los Angeles that you might think of is jail time. For just your first offense you could face from four days to six months in jail. For subsequent offenses, you could spend up to a year in jail or more. Then you should consider the fines. You could pay up to $1,000 just for your first offense, and $1,800 or more with subsequent charges.

Jail Time Is The Least Of Your Worries

You will lose your driver’s license temporarily if you are convicted of drunk driving. For a first offense, you can expect this period to range from one to 10 months. With subsequent DUI/DWI convictions, this time period can run up to two, three or even four years. You might be able to get a restricted license to go to work or to attend treatment, but for nothing else.

While jail time, fines and suspension of your driver’s license may seem severe enough, you could face additional drunk driving penalties in Los Angeles. For example, you might be required to have a special ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle. You will most likely have to attend a special treatment program that costs about $500, which you may be required to complete before you can have your driving privileges reinstated.

Do not forget about points on your driver’s license and the potential that your auto insurance rates can go way up after being convicted of drunk driving. The look-back period for DUI and DWI is 10 years. This means that these will stay on your court record to be used for sentencing for subsequent offenses for a period of 10 years, potentially increasing penalties for any future DUI/DWI.

If another person was seriously hurt or injured, you can expect that your penalties will be even more severe. You do not have to face these charges alone. Mr. Ticket is a highly experienced and renowned Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer who will work both in and out of the courtroom to help get your penalties reduced. Call us at (866) 780-1234 or send us an email to set up a free consultation.

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