Fighting Back Against DUI Charges

We all know that law enforcement in Los Angeles takes a very aggressive approach to drunk drivers. If police suspect that you have been drinking before you got behind the wheel, they are going to perform an extensive investigation to gather the information that they need to charge you with DUI. Should officers determine that your blood-alcohol content is above 0.08 percent, you will get charged with DUI.

If you are charged with drunk driving, you need an experienced attorney to fight for you. The Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian & Associates, Inc. – Mr. Ticket, a criminal defense law firm, provides aggressive advocacy to motorists who have been charged with DUI/DWI in California. Founding attorney, Mr. Ticket Amir Soleimanian, has over a decade of experience handling DUI cases and will do whatever it takes to help you keep your license.

Do Not Let A DUI Conviction Ruin Your Future

A first-time DUI conviction means fines, increased insurance costs, the loss of your license and possibly even jail time. If you have repeat offenses or were involved in an injury-causing accident, these penalties increase substantially. You have to be ready to defend yourself against these accusations. We represent clients in a host of different drunk driving related matters, including:

At Mr. Ticket, we stand up for clients charged with alcohol-related driving offenses. We will examine the case against you to determine how we can best attack the prosecution’s case. We have an over 90 percent success rate in our cases, and we will work hard to present a strong defense for you.

Your conviction will remain on your driving record for a long time. This will mean higher insurance costs and being unable to find work in fields that require you to have a clean driving history. If you do not fight these charges, you are going to make things much more difficult for yourself long after your case has come to an end.

Charged With DUI? Schedule Your Free Consultation Now.

You cannot talk your way out of a drunk driving ticket. You need to call our office today to talk to our lawyer to discuss the options available to you. Call the Los Angeles office of Mr. Ticket at (866) 780-1234 or send us an email. We represent clients throughout all 58 counties in California who have been charged with drunk driving.

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