Exhibition Of Speed (Speed Ex) Tickets

Experienced Exhibition Of Speed Tickets Defense In California

It may seem like California’s “SpeedEx” tickets apply only to individuals who may be drag racing one another on local roads, but this is not the case. Tickets for exhibition of speed can be handed down in many different circumstances, including situations such as:

  • Two or more drivers traveling to a meeting point from different places, racing to see who gets there first
  • One driver attempting to squeal the tires or leave burned rubber on the pavement
  • One or more drivers traveling at extremely high rates of speed in an effort to “show off” the performance of their vehicles
  • One or more drivers drifting, sliding or other maneuvers while driving at excessive speeds

There does not have to be anyone else around for you to receive one of these tickets. Even if you are the only driver on an otherwise deserted roadway, an officer can issue a SpeedEx ticket if it is believed that you were engaging in these behaviors.

Fighting The Consequences Of SpeedEx Tickets

Exhibition of speed citations carry extremely harsh penalties, which can have a lasting impact upon your finances and driving privileges. In most cases, these will be misdemeanors, which means that you face possible jail time, as well as significant fines.

In addition to the base penalties that will be handed down in your case, you will see a 300-400 percent increase in your insurance rates. The offense will remain on your driving record for up to seven years, and you could lose your license for a specific period of time.

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We are led by our founding lawyer, Amir “[nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″]” Soleimanian. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] has over a decade of experience handling traffic ticket cases throughout all 58 counties in California. He will work tirelessly to help you protect your license and minimize the penalties of your ticket.

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