How Do I Transfer the Title of My Vehicle After It\’s Sold in California?

Selling a vehicle on your own might seem like a great option, but there’s a lot of paperwork involved. You need to transfer the title to the new owner, in addition to a bill of sale and transfer of registration.


How Soon Do I Need to Transfer the Title?


The state of California requires that the title change be recorded by the DMV within 10 days of the sale. Title transfers typically happen when the vehicle is sold, but they can also be due to adding or deleting an owner from the title, paying off a car loan, giving the car to your child and more. 


What Do I Need to Transfer the Title?


You need to have the California Certificate of Title on-hand when you sell your vehicle. Both you and the new owner will need to sign it. You’ll need to obtain a duplicate title using this form if you\’ve lost the title or don\’t have it for any reason. The buyer will also need to pay registration fees to transfer the title to them.

All of the paperwork for the vehicle sale must be submitted to the DMV. This is the buyer’s responsibility, but you should follow up as the seller and make sure it’s done. You can now transfer the title online through California’s virtual DMV, as an alternative. 


What if I Fail to Transfer the Title?


Failing to transfer the title can have serious consequences, especially for the buyer. A buyer is unable to register or insure their vehicle without the title. Additionally, if the buyer fails to register the car in their name, you could be liable for any traffic violations the new driver commits. It’s important that you contact the DMV as soon as the sale is complete and cancel your registration so you’ll not be held responsible for anything the new owner might do.


Mr. Ticket Can Help


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