How to fight a traffic ticket in California

Getting pulled over in California is never a pleasant experience. You will most likely drive away from the traffic stop with some sort of ticket. It might not be what you were initially pulled over for, but it’s still a ticket. Traffic tickets in California can be expensive. They can also put points on your driving record depending on the violation. Here\’s how to fight a traffic ticket in Encino.

The first thing you need to do when contesting a traffic ticket is appear in the county court where the ticket was issued. This is important. Do not go to the county court where you reside unless this is the county where the ticket was issued. This appearance is known as the preliminary hearing. During the hearing, you will enter a plea.

It\’s possible to request a trial through the mail. If you choose this option, you will need to send in the request one week prior to your court date appearance. You will be required to pay a set bail amount the day of your hearing. You will then be assigned a date to appear again in court.

At the next court appearance, you can tell your side of the story. This is when you fight the ticket. If the ticket is dropped, it will be removed from your record and the bail you paid during the preliminary hearing will be refunded. If the ticket is not dropped, you will be assigned a fine that you have to pay.

Have you been issued a traffic ticket in Encino, California? If so, be sure to follow the tips outlined in today’s post to fight the ticket. It can prevent you from paying hundreds of dollars in fines, getting points on your license and seeing your insurance premiums increase.

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