One Point Count California Vehicle Code Violations (Pt 1)

One Point Count California Vehicle Code Violations (Pt 1)
2800Disobedience to traffic officer
2800.1Evading peace officer
2801Disobedience to fire official
2803, 2803a, 2803b, 2803cUnsafe vehicle load
2815Disregarding non-student crossing guard
2816Youth bus/children crossing highway
2817Disregarding funeral escort officer
2818Crossing safety flares/cones
14601.5Driving, suspended/revoked for refusing test
14603Violation of license restrictions
21100.3Disregarding traffic officer\’s directions
21209, 21209aDriving in bicycle lane
21367, 21367a, 21367b, 21367cDisobedience to traffic signs/controller
21451, 21451a, 21451bIllegal movement/green light/arrow
21452, 21452aIllegal movement/yellow light/arrow
21453, 21453a, 21453b, 21453cIllegal movement/red/light/arrow
21454, 21454a – d, 21455Traffic signals
21457, 21457a, 21457bDisobedience to flashing signals
21460a, 21460bDouble lines/one broken line
21460.5cUse of two-way left turn lane
21461, 21461a, 21462Disobedience to traffic control device
21650, 21650a – fKeep right
21651, 21651aCrossing divided highway
21652Entering highway from service road
21654, 21654a, 21654b, 21655, 21655bLane use/slow moving vehicle
21655.8Diamond lane/entering/exiting
21656 – 21662, 21662a, 21662bImproper lane use
21663Driving on sidewalk
21664Freeway ramp/entering/exiting
21700Load obstructing driver\’s view
21701Interfering with driver\’s control of vehicle
21702, 21702a, 21702bDriving hours limitation
21703, 21704, 21704a, 21705, 21706Following too closely
21707Driving in fire area
21709Driving in safety zone
21711Towed vehicle swerving
21712, 21712a, 21712d, 21712f, 21715, 21715a, 21715bUnlawful riding/towing
21717Turning across bicycle lane
21750 – 21757, 21758, 21759Illegal passing
21800 – 21804, 21804a, 21804bRight-of-way
21805, 21805bYielding right-of-way to horseback rider
21806, 21806aYielding right-of-way to emergency vehicle
21807Unsafe operation of emergency vehicle
21950, 21950a, 21951, 21952Yielding right-of-way to pedestrian
21954, 21954bDue care for pedestrian on roadway
21960aProhibited use of freeway
21963Yielding right-of-way to blind pedestrian
22100 – 22105Turing and U-turns
22106Unsafe staring/backing of vehicle
22107 – 22111, 22111a, 22111b, 22111cSignaling turns and stops
22112, 22112aSchool bus signaling
22348, 22348a, 22348cSpeed/use of designated lanes
22349, 22349.5Maximum speed
22350, 22351, 22352, 22352a, 22352bBasic/prima facie speed limit
22354, 22355Exceeding posted/freeway speed limit
22356, 22356bMaximum speed 70 mph
22357, 22358.4Speed in excess of local limits
22359, 22360, 22361Speed in excess of local limits
22362Speed/construction zone

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