Possible defenses to distracted driving charges

Distracted driving is without a doubt very dangerous. Many drivers have trouble staying focused when behind the wheel. Other drivers don\’t have any trouble focusing on the road in front of them. If you are facing distracted driving charges in Encino, California, then you should look at the various possible defenses.

One of the most common defenses, which is quite easy to prove, is that you used a mobile phone while driving due to an emergency. Obviously, a call placed to 911 for fire department services or for the police could very well get you out of a distracted driving charge.

The only caveat here is that you had better be telling the truth. A simple search of your phone log will reveal if you actually called 911 or any other emergency service number.

Should you wind up in police custody following a traffic stop that involved distracted driving, a good defense to the charge could be any potential Miranda rights violations. If the officer failed to read you your Miranda rights, or interrogated you without an attorney present, you could be in a good position to have the charges dropped.

A difficult defense to prove to get out of a distracted driving charge could be that something else caused the accident. For example, maybe it was the weather. Maybe something failed in your car while driving. There could have been inadequate signage in the area or the actions of the other driver could have thrown you off course.

Facing a charge of distracted driving in California is serious. You could face fines, points on your license and even license suspension if there are too many violations on your record. Make sure you know the defenses you could raise so you know how to handle such a charge.

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