Sonoma County officials find drunk man driving stolen U-Haul

Many in Encino often wonder what may be the differentiating factor between one facing misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. Factors such as one’s personal history of DUI-related offenses may come into play when making such a determination, yet often it is the circumstances in which a DUI arrest was made or the results that come from an accident caused by one who was allegedly driving while intoxicated. One might be at a greater risk of being charged with felony DUI if it is believed that he or she was involved in other crimes or moving violations while also being under the influence.

A recent case in Sonoma County could very well end up producing such a charge given the wide array of offenses allegedly involved. At the center of the incident is a Nevada man whom authorities questioned after noticing that the windshield, side mirrors and headlight on the U-Haul truck he was driving were shattered. Upon approaching the vehicle, they noticed the smell of alcohol on the man. He claimed that a “crazy person” attacked the truck with a bat, causing the damage. Also in the vehicle were his wife and three children, none of whom were wearing seatbelts. He was subsequently arrested for DUI and child endangerment. A charge of vehicle theft may soon follow, as it was revealed that the U-Haul he was driving was stolen.

Even with one facing a myriad of charges in relation to a DUI, he or she should still be protected from facing harsher penalties that what his or her alleged actions may have warranted. One may ensure him or herself such protection by securing the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: Sonoma Valley Patch “Reno Man Driving Stolen U-Haul Arrested For DUI With Kids, Wife In Truck: CHP” Avants, Maggie, June 30, 2017

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