The California traffic violator school program

Being issued a speeding ticket is not the end of the world. The ticket, if one of many on your record, could affect the status of your driver’s license. This is when you need to look into attending traffic school or a defensive driving class. Not only will attending these classes help your insurance rates, they will also help the status of your license.

If you have recently been ticketed for speeding or any other moving violation in California, you have the opportunity to have the ticket dismissed instead of it being placed on your record. You need to meet the following qualifications in order for this to happen:

  • Your license must be valid at the time of the ticket being issued
  • The violation for which you were ticketed must not have occurred in a commercial vehicle
  • The traffic violation must not have been a misdemeanor
  • The traffic violation must not have involved alcohol
  • You must not have completed any traffic school course within the last 18 months for the sole purpose of fighting a traffic ticket

The traffic court local to you will make the decision as to whether or not you can enroll in a class. That\’s why you should contact the court first before enrolling in a class. The notice sent to you approving the class will also provide you with a period in which to complete the class.

The next time you are issued a traffic ticket in Encino, you should look into traffic school before accepting and paying the fine. This could help you avoid the citation from appearing on your record moving forward.

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