Traffic Ticket Attorney California FAQ

FAQ About California Traffic Tickets

Every traffic ticket can negatively impact your driving record. Before deciding what to do with your traffic ticket, call [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-4″] and have a free consultation/evaluation with a traffic ticket attorney. Not sure what to do with your traffic ticket? California traffic ticket defense attorney, Amir Soleimanian, can help you beat your traffic ticket.

This is a question that can be hard to generalize due to each persons situation and the details of each case. That being said in general an attorney can help you if you meet the following criteria.

1. You have been charged with a crime which carries either a point to your driving record or something more serious such as jail time or the like. If a case is just a fine then in most cases you don’t need an attorney. Parking tickets are a good example of this.

2. If you have any form of misdemeanor of felony charge then you MUST have an attorney. You are not allowed to represent yourself, and if you do not provide an attorney one will be provided for you by the courts. This attorney is called a public defender and actually works for the courts. In general they simply plead guilty on your behalf and then your case is over.

3. And lastly an attorney can be useful in resolving matters such as closed cases that you would like reopened or appeals. Dmv hearings also would fall into this section.

If you fall into these three criteria there is most likely something an attorney can do to help. Weather that means reducing points and fines, avoiding jail time, or flat out getting the case dismissed more than likely there is a beneficial alternative to simply paying the ticket.

Mr Ticket Helps You Fight Your Red Light Camera Ticket Drop Box

Along with speeding tickets, red light tickets are massive revenue generators for the government of state of California and car insurance underwriters. The state realizes its income from fees and fines, the insurance companies benefit by adjusting insurance premiums as a result of the judgment of the court. Mr. Ticket, as a traffic ticket attorney in California, is aware of the ramifications of a moving violation and the direct and indirect costs associated with the disposition of the court.

Basically, there are two types evidence of a red light violation. One is the direct observation of the offense by a law enforcement officer at the scene; the other is a photograph of the violation taken by a red light camera. Mr. Ticket is prepared to fight red light ticket violations arising from either circumstance.

To discuss your options about your traffic tickets with Mr. Ticket, California traffic ticket attorney, call (866) 780-1234.

Consider the case of red light camera tickets received by mail with a Notice to Appear or the option to waive your rights to a trial by remitting a payment by return mail. Second only to ignoring the notice, this is the worst option available to you. By paying the ticket, an automatic plea of guilty is entered and points can be added to your license and the case becomes a matter of public record. This means any insurance company can request your driving record and raise their premiums based on your admission of guilt. A simple consultation with Mr. Ticket will provide you with other options, including the possibility of an outright dismissal of the case. This is particularly applicable when trying to beat red light camera ticket notices.

Mr. Ticket has the experience and specific knowledge of how to beat traffic ticket prosecution arguments. Every moving violation has unique circumstances, however, there are several possible defenses for each individual type of citation. By retaining Mr. Ticket as your defense counsel, you can be confident that you are establishing the best possible defense with a significantly higher probability of a reduction in the charge, decreasing or waiving the fines and fees, or – the best of all possible outcomes – a complete dismissal of all charges.

You can be sure you are in a far stronger legal position than you would be than attempting to represent yourself in court. You will have a strong, confident and qualified defense attorney presenting your case to the court, leaving you free from the anxiety and worry of mounting your own defense.

Before paying for the red light camera ticket you received in mail, think again. Consult Mr. Ticket and learn about the consequences of accepting your guilt in every case.

Mr. Ticket Fights Your Speeding Ticket

When the time comes – and you can be virtually assured it will – that you receive a speeding ticket, it may come as a complete surprise. With California having the some of the most expensive fines and penalties in conjunction with extremely high automobile insurance premiums, you are in for a shock. It is in your best financial interest to fight speeding ticket violations in court. Mr. Ticket can provide you with facts regarding the true cost of paying a speeding ticket in California.

As tempting as it may appear to be, do not pay your speeding ticket by mail without first consulting a traffic ticket lawyer in California. Mr. Ticket focuses on traffic and moving violation citations and is fully-qualified to answer your questions and prepared to represent your case in California Traffic Court.

Call (866) 780-1234 and have a free consultation with Mr. Ticket, California traffic ticket lawyer. If you want to fight your traffic tickets, Mr. Ticket knows the best way of doing it.

In some cases, depending on the time of year, court case load, and backlog of pending cases before the court, it may be possible to beat speeding ticket violations by written deposition. Mr. Ticket closely monitors the courts and can offer the best defense for your particular case.

There are basically two types of speeding violations in California. One is exceeding the maximum posted speed and the other is driving faster than the conditions allow – known as a “P.F.” or Prima Facie violation. Each case offers specific opportunities for defense. Mr. Ticket is aware of precisely which defense is most likely to result in a reduced penalty or outright dismissal of the case.

Retaining an expert traffic ticket lawyer in California may appear to be more expensive than simply paying the fine and being done with it. The problem with that logic is that paying the fine is only the down payment on your eventual financial and legal obligations that are the inevitable result. By hiring Mr. Ticket to handle your case, you can be assured he will pursue every legal aspect of the case and beat traffic ticket woes that will certainly follow the automatic plea of guilty and payment of the maximum fines and fees allowed by California law that result from forfeiting your bond.

When weighing the alternatives, you can rest assured that Mr. Ticket is the better value. A simple query and brief consultation will convince you Mr. Ticket is also your best opportunities to beat traffic ticket violations. You can avoid the hassle of the legal process and save you valuable time and money.

Mr. Ticket, California traffic ticket attorney, can explain to you the consequences of not fighting your traffic tickets. Always consult with an experienced and qualified traffic ticket defense attorney before you make a decision about traffic citations.

There are several consequences you need to consider regarding fighting speeding ticketcitations. These include both near- and long-term monetary expenses, your driving record; and, possible criminal misdemeanor or felony charges which may arise in the event of property or personal injury damages. A speeding ticket can be a lot of trouble and it is worth your while to make the attempt to dismiss traffic ticket citations before they stack up and create real trouble for you in the future.

The best way to fight speeding tickets citations is to avoid getting the citation in the first place. If you are pulled over by a traffic control officer, realize they have a job to perform to the best of their ability. Make it easy for them to not write the ticket. Be polite, forthright and completely honest. Telling the truth will get you out of more trouble than it will get you into, every time.

If the ticket is unavoidable at the site, whether it is a mechanical device as a camera, radar, lidar, or laser, do not assume you can’t beat traffic ticket citations in court. If you received a summons and citation in the mail, realize you are being asked to admit your guilt and you will be paying the highest penalties, fees and fines allowable by law by not fighting speeding ticket violations.

The key is to fight a speeding ticket in court. Seek qualified and professional legal counsel to represent you. There are attorneys that contests traffic law and fighting speeding ticket cases. They are aware of the defenses most likely to succeed in your case and will work with you to reduce the penalty. The best outcome is an outright dismissal.

Realize that lawyers make a living defending their clients. There will be some expense involved with fighting a speeding ticket charges; however, it is inconsequential in relation with the cost of the ticket, raised insurance premiums – or outright cancellation – of your insurance coverage. There is also the matter of points being added to your license and the impact of the citation being a matter of public record. This can affect your present and future employment and potentially impact your driving privileges. Be smart, don’t let the one-time cost of a lawyer outweigh your perception of the fine. Fighting speeding ticket charges is your right, don’t waste the opportunity to exercise it in your defense.

Traffic ticket lawyer, Mr. Ticket, assesses each case separately and advices the best possible approach to dismiss the ticket.

The nature of the citation determines the exact defense to use in court to fight red light ticketviolations. In the vast majority of cases the violation is witnessed in the act by a law enforcement officer or caught on film by a mechanical camera. In some fewer cases, where a traffic accident is the result of a red light citation – which may be part of a criminal misdemeanor in cases of property damage or personal injury – there may be eyewitnesses to the violation other than a traffic officer. In every case, it is in your best interests to fight red light tickets in court. Simply paying the fine and fees at the courthouse or by mail is an automatic admission of guilt and your fine will be the maximum allowed by law.

Only the court has the power to dismiss red light ticket citations. Neither the citing officer nor the police department can “fix a ticket” and the prosecutor has no cause or motivation to drop the charge. There are only two options open to you at this point. Either represent yourself in court and make your best case or retain a professional lawyer that focuses on traffic ticket violations to represent you and fight red light ticket charges on your behalf.

California traffic ticket attorney, Mr. Amir Soleimanian is a licensed and experienced attorney helping Californians beat red light tickets for years, unlike what other lawyers may claim in order to promote their own services.

An attorney experienced with traffic law, precedents and rulings from the bench is your best defense fighting red light ticket citations. This is especially true with criminal misdemeanors which can put you and your property at serious financial risk and can result in the loss of your driving privileges. When considered in conjunction with raised insurance premiums, the addition of several points to your driver’s license and time lost from work, there is no reason not to beat red light ticket offenses.

State and local laws vary. There is no single law dictating the nature of the traffic offense and fines and fees can be very different based on the location. This is especially noticeable between county and city lines. Remember, for the most part, traffic violations – which include red light tickets – are a revenue generator for the community, the judicial and law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. Your qualified and certified attorney will be able to compile your best defense. Fight red light ticket citations earnestly and to the best of your ability. The rewards vastly outweigh the penalties from simply buying off the ticket.

Law offices of Amir Soleimanian is a legitimate and well-known office among the community and has well earned its reputation by providing legal services to the community members. Amir Soleimanian, “Mr.Ticket” takes care of all the cases that come in his office himself.

Individuals that have received a traffic citation in the State of California may have questions in regard to their citation. This is especially true if the individual has never before received a traffic ticket in the state. One inquiry that individuals often have is, “ Where can I look up my traffic ticket?” There are online resources within the state by which individuals can find information in regard to their traffic ticket. Every county in the State of California has a website that individuals can visit to obtain information in regard to their traffic ticket. Having the ability to access information about traffic tickets online can be very helpful and convenient.

When individuals determine that fighting a traffic ticket will be their best course of action, they may want to know specific information about their traffic violation. First and foremost, individuals need to know in which county the traffic violation occurred. This is essential in the quest to fight traffic tickets. If the goal is to dismiss traffic ticket or beat traffic ticket, individuals will need to know the details surrounding their traffic violation. For example, individuals that receive a traffic citation in Los Angeles may visit the website for the Superior Court of California for the County of Los Angeles. Individuals can search for their traffic ticket using their driver’s license number. Additionally, individuals may also search for a traffic ticket by court, law enforcement agency, citation number, and date of birth.

In some instances, individuals may not be certain if they have received a legitimate traffic citation. Determining whether or not the citation was actually issued by law enforcement will be imperative. Some agencies within the state provide online resources for individuals to determine if their traffic citation is legitimate. For example, the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic allows individuals to search for their traffic citation. They may conduct a search using their license plate number or their citation number.

If individuals are unsure of where or how to begin their search, a traffic ticket attorney may be able to help. Furthermore, when individuals are unable to find they information for which they are searching in regard to their traffic ticket they may want to contact a California traffic ticket attorney for assistance. A traffic ticket defense attorney will be able help individuals find the answers to their questions concerning their traffic ticket.

If individuals decide to fight their traffic ticket and need representation, an experienced and knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer can be of assistance. A California traffic ticket lawyer will be ready and willing to assist individuals with their questions and concerns related to traffic violations. These attorneys can help individuals navigate the county’s court websites to obtain the information for which they are searching, and they can also provide expert legal guidance and counsel.

If you can take traffic school, 99.99% of the time you should. Traffic school is your get out of jail free card. Yes you have to pay the ticket and yes that might be a couple hundred dollars. However it is guaranteed to make the point not only go on your record, but not report to your insurance, DMV or any other record.

The primary focus of fighting a ticket is not the avoidance of a fine, but rather protecting your license from the numerous negative penalties which can come with you ticket. Depending on your infraction this can result in a significant increase to your insurance premiums or if you already have points on your license, may even result in extreme insurance spike, being dropped from your insurance and even having your license suspended. Traffic school prevents any of these things form happening for a fee that is normally less expensive than hiring an attorney, and once again, it is guaranteed. Which is something that no attorney on earth can claim. So as you can see, if you can take traffic school then it truly is in your best interest to do so.

Traffic Violation Tickets

In the State of California there are 3 kinds of traffic citations that a law enforcement office can issue. These three citations are: parking tickets, infraction traffic tickets, and misdemeanor traffic tickets. Parking tickets are not filed with the courts but with the parking agency where the violation occurred. Infraction traffic tickets and misdemeanor traffic tickets, however, are filed with the courts. Infraction traffic tickets include traffic violations such as speeding or failure to stop at a red light. Misdemeanor traffic tickets include violations like driving without a license or driving under the influence. Traffic violation tickets should be taken seriously as they can have detrimental consequences. California traffic ticket lawyers understand these consequences and desire to help individuals obtain a dismissal of their traffic violation tickets.

When an individual receives a traffic ticket or other traffic violation penalties in the State of California, either 1 or 2 points will be placed on their driving record. Tickets for violations such as speeding, running a red light, or making an unsafe lane change are assigned 1 point. Tickets for more serious violations like reckless driving, hit and run, or driving under the influence are assigned 2 points. Drivers will be considered negligent if they receive more than 3 points in 12 months, more than 5  points in 24 months, and more than 7 points in 36 months. Drivers that receive 4 points in a 12 month period will lose their driver’s license. For these reasons, points andtraffic violation tickets should not be minimized. Individuals facing traffic ticket violations should contact a California traffic ticket attorney for assistance.

California traffic ticket lawyers can help individuals fight a speeding ticket or any other type of traffic violation. While individuals can try to fight a speeding ticket or other types of traffic violation penalties on their own, they need to understand that the police officer testifying against them is well-versed in court procedures. The police officer knows how to expertly and professionally present the case before the judge. Since most individuals are not accustomed to court policies and procedures, they will find that they are at a significant disadvantage. Being represented by an experienced and skilled California traffic ticket attorney can give individuals the advantage they need to win their case.

If you have been issued a speeding ticket, radar ticket, automated photo red light ticket, or high speed violation in Los Angeles, you need to contact a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney. If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI or been involved in a hit and run, a Los Angeles speeding ticket attorney can be of assistance. Because traffic tickets can have far-reaching ramifications it is vital that you have competent and capable legal representation. When you need help with the dismissal of a traffic ticket, contact a trained and qualified attorney in California for a consultation.

Call (866) 780-1234 for a Free Consultation regarding your case.

When dealing with a local traffic citation, Los Angeles motorists know they can turn to the team of Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyers at the Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian to represent their interests and garner the most favorable results. But, what if you are not a resident of the L.A. vicinity or even of California?

If you live outside of the state and are dealing with a local traffic citation, Los Angeles traffic ticket attorneys can save you a great deal of time, trouble, expense and possibly heartache with their legal representation.

The state of California is a member of the National Driver’s License Compact (NDLC). If you live elsewhere in the United States but receive a moving violation here, this membership makes it impossible to disregard a local traffic citation. Citations received in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the state of California are recorded and shared with other states in the NDLC, which, for all intents and purposes, treat any California traffic citations as though they were local offenses. The NDLC agreement does not apply to window tinting, exhaust noise, parking tickets or any other non-moving traffic citation.

California is among 45 states that participate in this program. Other states have their own exceptions to the agreement, and several states also exchange information and asses points for violations in Quebec and Ontario. (Non-participating states are Tennessee, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Massachusetts.)

Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyers at the Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian routinely help out-of-state motorists fight California traffic tickets citations, making all the necessary court appearances and handling all communications with the courts and DMV. Clients can take comfort in knowing that as soon as they hand over their ticket to one of our Los Angeles traffic ticket attorneys, their worries are over.

For more information about our out-of-state traffic ticket services you can call (866) 7801-1234 and get a free traffic ticket consultation or get help from a Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer at our office.

What to do and not to do when you are pulled over

Getting pulled over is a scary experience, but the outcome completely depends on what you do (or what you don’t do for that matter). The way you act has a great deal to do if you decide to go court against your traffic ticket.

If you are being followed by a police car that is signaling you to stop, pull over as quickly and as safely as you can. Make sure you don’t break any traffic laws while doing so. Use your indicators to signal any lane change and don’t stop abruptly. Pull over as much as you can to the right side of the road for the safety of the officer and yourself. And turn off the engine.

When the officer approaches you, roll down your window and put your hands in plain view. At nights, turn on the interior light of the vehicle. Don’t do anything that would make the officer suspicious. The officers are trained to react to any suspicious situation and you don’t want to give them any reason to point their gun at you. Never get out of the car unless instructed by the officer.

What you tell the officer and they way you tell them has great impact on the outcome of the trial, if any. Don’t talk to the officer offensively. Be patient and answer their questions as short as you can. Don’t argue with the officers and follow their instructions. If you are asked to give them your registration and insurance, do so immediately and without further questions. Never admit that you have violated any laws as that can be used against you in the court. Call (866) 780-1234 to consult with one of our traffic ticket lawyers.

Value Of An Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney In Court Proceedings

If you are like most people, you are likely unfamiliar with the language and routines involved in traffic court proceedings, then you are at a disadvantage… Learn More

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