What should I expect at a DUI checkpoint?

Driving on the roads of California can be very dangerous for even the most experienced drivers. A common problem across the country, even as law enforcement officials crack down, is driving under the influence. If you ever come across a DUI checkpoint in Encino you need to know what to expect so you can handle yourself appropriately.

For starters, you should always comply with police commands when in a DUI checkpoint. Listen to their instructions and do not talk back to them. If they ask for your license, insurance and registration make sure you provide the officer with every single document.

While speaking with you, the officer will be monitoring you for signs of inebriation. These include slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, flush skin, the smell of alcohol on the breath and more. If you are suspected of driving under the influence, the officer will ask you to exit the vehicle.

You will likely be subjected to a myriad of roadside examinations to determine if you are under the influence. Follow all instructions and do not refuse these tests as it will land you in the back of the officer’s car immediately.

Make sure you are respectful at all times and don’t give the officer any other reason to arrest you. If arrested, you will be transported and administered a blood test once you are at the police station.

DUI checkpoints occur more than 2,500 times per year in the state of California. They are backed up by the state’s Constitution and the Constitution of the United States when it comes to the legality of them.

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