3 things to consider when you get a speeding ticket

You were late to work, and you may have gone a little faster than you should have on the roads. You weren\’t speeding an excessive amount, just 6 mph over the limit. Despite this, when you were pulled over, the officer decided that you deserved a ticket for the act.

You\’ve heard about people getting warnings in the past, but clearly you didn\’t get that lucky. You know that you could face fines and other problems because of this ticket, so what can you do? Here are a few things you can consider before paying for your ticket.

1. You have a right to defend yourself

On the traffic ticket, you\’ll notice that there is a court date. You have a right to attend court on that date to defend yourself. There are various ways to do so. You can argue that the officer\’s opinion was flawed, that you had to speed due to the rate of other people (you were keeping up with traffic) or that you had to speed to avoid a danger, like a drunk driver.

2. Your insurance may not actually increase

Despite the fact that most people believe that insurance rates skyrocket after a traffic ticket, that\’s not always the case. In fact, many insurance carriers don\’t adjust insurance rates much or at all when you have your first ticket. However, if you receive subsequent tickets, it can mean that your rates will skyrocket. Another thing to remember is that the number of traffic violations you have does matter. If you have too many, the insurance carrier might think you\’re a high-risk driver and cancel your policy.

3. A ticket could affect your work

If you\’re a professional driver, remember that your company may have its own policies for what happens if you break traffic laws. If you\’re a high-risk driver, you\’re more likely to be fired or let go over your driving habits. If you\’re worried about your job, then fighting a ticket can be a good idea, since you have a chance to have the ticket dismissed in court.

These are a few things to think about before you accept a traffic ticket and the responsibility for it. Your attorney can help you decide if fighting a ticket is a good idea in your case.

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