Undercover operation cites 65 drivers

Getting a trafffic ticket is something that many people in California have experienced during the time that they have been driving. However, it is never something that a person wants to happen. First there is the hassle factor about how long the process may take and concerns can be raised about being late to get somewhere because of it. Additionally, many drivers understandably feel very nervous when they see flashing lights behind them, even if they know they have done nothing wrong.

As distracted driving continues to get more attention these days, it should come as no shock to drivers in California that officers may be more actively looking for people engaged in behaviors that they may identify as being distracted driving. A law that went into effect this year strengthened the approach that law enforcement may take with these types of alleged offenses so that may also encourage more enforcement.

In fact, the California Highway Patrol is said to have engaged in an undercover operation designed to nab alleged distracted drivers in the act recently. Along a stretch of Wilshire Boulevard in a mere two hours, 65 drivers were cited for distracted driving. That means that one ticket was handed out roughly every two minutes. In addition to fines, drivers who get these tickets may have to pay processing or court fees which can drive up the overall cost.

Talking to an attorney after being ticketed for a traffic offense might help to give drivers an idea of how they may defend against the charges.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, \”Law Enforcement Cracks Down On Drivers Using Cellphones,\” April 26, 2017

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