Alcohol a factor in auto-pedestrian accident in Santa Ana

Often, the circumstances of an arrest in Encino may prompt law enforcement officials to charge an individual with multiple offenses. An example may be were one was alleged driving drunk while also committing a moving violation or driving with a suspended or revoked license. In such situations, one facing criminal charges may be concerned that authorities may be overzealous in leveling accusations against him or her, perhaps in an attempt to make an example to others. It should be remembered in such cases that one should only face the charges that his or her actions may have warranted.

A myriad of charges appear to be awaiting the driver allegedly responsible for injuring five teens in Santa Ana. Three of the teens were taken to local trauma centers for treatment, while one suffered only minor injuries (the status of the fifth was not reported). The accident occurred when the vehicle involved struck a pole, injuring the two teens that were standing nearby. There were reportedly three teenage occupants traveling in the car, in which investigators subsequently found open alcohol containers. Not only to officials say that the driver was allegedly drunk, but they claim that the driver was also unlicensed and underage.

Kids and teens often may be prone to errors in judgment that, with benefit of added age and maturity, they would not necessarily make later on in life. The question is whether immature actions should deny them the opportunity to learn and apply those lessons later in life. Sometimes, the results of a teen’s irresponsible actions may leave law enforcement authorities feeling as though they have no choice but to pursue serious charges. In such a case, a teen (and his or her family) may benefit greatly from having an attorney to turn to.

Source: KABC-TV “Underage DUI driver strikes pedestrians in Santa Ana, police say” Lee, Greg, July 13, 2017

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