Points on your license can affect your insurance

When you get a speeding ticket or are stopped for other traffic infractions, it\’s usually not the end of the world. One of the things it can do, though, is raise the cost of your insurance as a result of points on your license.

This is one reason why many people choose to fight their speeding tickets or other types of tickets. If the ticket is dismissed, then the points don\’t go on their licenses and they don\’t have to worry about an increase in their insurance rates.

Do points on your license matter to insurance companies?

Yes. When you have excessive points and violations, it shows that you’re a dangerous or reckless driver. In the company’s eyes, you’re a high-risk driver, which means they think you\’re more likely to cause a crash.

Does every point I get affect my insurance?

Not always. Interestingly, the insurance companies don’t use the state motor vehicle department\’s point system to determine your insurance rates. Instead, these companies use their own system. Usually, a certain number of points or certain type of infraction reported will increase your insurance by a predetermined percentage. Your insurance company should be able to provide that information if you ask for it.

How else do points affect me?

If you get four or more points in 12 months, you will have your license suspended for six months. You’ll also be placed on probation for a year. The same is true if you collect eight points over the course of three years or six in two. California assigns points ranging from zero to three per offense, so as few as two offenses could lead to the loss of your license.

While points can affect you in the short term, if you have only one violation per year, you\’d be highly unlikely to lose your license unless each infraction was severe. You may see an increase in insurance costs as a result, however.

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