How can I avoid speeding tickets?

As a driver in Encino, you are most likely aware of the damage a speeding ticket can incur. While speeding is typically considered a traffic violation, driving at excessive rates of speed is a misdemeanor in California and can result in many serious consequences. In addition to always obeying posted signage relating to road speeds, you can also avoid a costly speeding ticket by keeping the following tips in mind.  

According to Popular Mechanics, there are a number of methods drivers can utilize to both avoid tickets, as well as dispute the validity of a speeding ticket in court. For instance, your behavior during a traffic stop can actually impact whether you receive a ticket. Restrained and courteous behavior is recommended, especially when refusing to answer an officer’s questions. Motorists are only obligated to present license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance during traffic stops. Further questions do not have to be answered, and drivers are fully within their rights to refuse questions that may serve to incriminate them in court.

It also helps to pay close attention to your surroundings when traveling by vehicle. Speed traps are increasingly common, and in many cases traffic patterns will clue you in to the presence of law enforcement. In the same token, the type of vehicle you drive can also increase your chances of being issued a ticket. Sports cars are often a target for police, more so than other types of vehicles that may be deemed family-friendly by popular opinion.

If you should receive a ticket, you can call into question the functionality of the device that clocked your speed. These devices (such as radar guns) must be calibrated according to manufacturer specifications to ensure they are correctly recording driver speeds. If a police department can’t show that a device has been calibrated (or if a device is unable to be calibrated), your ticket may be thrown out. You can access device specs by making a request to the department responsible for issuing your ticket.

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