One Point Count California Vehicle Code Violations (Continued)

One Point Count California Vehicle Code Violations (Continued)
22363Restricted speed/weather conditions
22364Speed/traffic lanes
22400, 22400a, 22400bDriving too slow
22405, 22405aSpeed/bridge/tunnel
22406, 22407Maximum designated vehicle speed
22409, 22410Speed/solid/metal tires
22413Speed limit on grades
22450, 22451, 22452, 22452a, 22452bStop required/railroad crossing
22454Stop for school bus
23109, 23109b, 23109dSpeed contest/aiding or abetting
23116, 23116aTransporting person in truck load space
23127Driving on trails and paths
23220Drinking while driving
23222, 23222a, 23222bMarijuana or open container/driving
23235Ignition interlock verification
23244, 23244bDefeating ignition interlock device
23253Disobedience to toll highway officer
23270, 23270aUnauthorized towing
23330, 23330cWidth/load of vehicle at crossing
23336Disobedience to sign/vehicle crossing
24002, 24002a, 24002bUnsafe/unlawfully equipped vehicle
24004Operation after notice by officer
24250Lighting equipment
24409, 24409a, 24409bFailure to dim lights
24604Lamps/flag for extended load
25103, 25103a, 25103bLamps on projecting load
26301, 26302, 26302a, 26302b, 26302cBrakes
26303, 26304, 26304a, 26304bBrakes/combination vehicles
26307Forklift truck brakes
26311, 26311a, 26311b, 26311cAll wheel service brakes
26456, 26457Brakes/stopping distance
26458, 26458a, 26458.5Braking system/towing vehicles
26502aAdjustment/use of air brakes
26503 – 26506, 26506a, 26507Airbrake system
26508, 26508a – c, 26508e – k, 26508oEmergency stopping system
26520, 26521, 26522Vacuum brakes
27360, 27360a – c, 27360.5, 27360a-cChild Passenger restraint
27363, 27363bChild seat belt
27800, 27801, 27801a, 27801bMotorcycle/passengers and equipment
29001, 29002Fifth wheel connecting/locking device
29003a, 29003b, 29003cHitch and coupling device
29004, 29004a – c, 29006, 29006aTowed vehicle coupling
29201Pole dolly/load and length
31301, 31301aCaldecott tunnel restrictions
31303, 31303b, 31303c, 31303eHazardous waste transportation
31402Farm labor vehicle/unsafe operation
31540, 31504bRemovable containers/regulations
31614, 31614a, 3164b, 31614d – f 31614h,31614iExplosives transportation
32104, 32104a, 32104b, 32105, 32105a, 32105c-eInhalation hazard transportation
32106, 32106a – dInhalation hazard transportation
34102Tank vehicle regulations
34501.2, 34501a, 34501cDriving hours limitations
34506, 34506a – gDriving hours, equipment, maintenance, operation
34506.3Safety regulation violation
34509, 34509c, 34509dVanpool vehicle maintenance inspection
35784, 35784a, 35784bViolation of special permit
35784.5, 35784a, 35784bExtralegal load/weight
36705Bale wagon load width during darkness

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