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    No matter how insignificant your citation may seem at the time being, it is almost always worth your while in the long run to consult an experienced traffic violation attorney about your case

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Traffic Violation Attorney in Los Angeles

You’re running late for your meeting so you decided to try and beat the red light. Or maybe your designated driver bailed and you have to get home. Maybe you didn’t notice the speedometer crawling up to 100 mph. Weather its one of these situations or another, all to often you are surprised by flashing lights and sirens. You just got a ticket, or worse.

Traffic violations range in severity of  consequences. Depending on the type of offense, you may lose your driver’s license, pay fines, add points to your driving record, end up on probation or even spend time in jail. It’s important to follow the traffic regulations set by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to avoid these problems, but when you find yourself with a ticket and a hefty fine, you need to know what your options are and exactly what you are dealing with. The courts are generally of little to no help for most people and who has the time to go to court?

Good thing there’s a law firm in California to help you deal with the situation. Mr. Ticket offers legal counseling and representation services to those who receive any types of traffic tickets. Whether charged with DUI, hit and run, or speeding, or some other violation, you can trust Mr. Ticket to fight for your rights.

Exceptional Legal Services

Headed by Amir Soleimanian, our law firm provides professional legal services to assist clients with their traffic violation cases. We want our clients to make careful and informed decisions to avoid the severe punishments here in California. Our knowledge about the California traffic law allows us to offer a range of solutions tailored to every client’s legal needs. We make the litigation process easier for you. We’ll represent you during DMV hearings, go to court on your behalf , find ways to reduce your fines, and get your license back or prevent you from loosing it in the first place.

We are here when you or someone you know needs the help of an experienced traffic violation attorney, in California.

  • Excellent Legal Services to Dismiss Traffic Tickets

    The services of an experienced traffic violation attorney are important not only to beat traffic tickets, but also to prevent the violation from affecting your quality of life. Traffic tickets will substantially increase your insurance rates, and you could even lose your license with enough points on your record. This is why it is important to seek professional legal services to fight every traffic ticket, as each one has an effect on your personal records.

    At Mr. Ticket, you can lean on our expertise to provide you experienced legal assistance, and help you beat any type of traffic violation charged against you. We handle traffic court cases in any part of California. Read on just about why you should fight speeding or any type of traffic ticket.

  • Value of an Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney in Court Proceedings

    If you are like most people, who is likely unfamiliar with the language and routines involved in traffic court proceedings, then you are at a disadvantage towards fighting for your case against the opposing police officer who has attended traffic court hearings on numerous occasions. This officer already knows how to present his or her case well, which is important in courtroom proceedings.

    Mr. Ticket can drastically increase your chances of winning by presenting a much more compelling case on your behalf. We have extensive experience with California traffic laws along with court rules and procedures. Having a highly experienced traffic violation attorney on your side is the key to protecting your rights and getting any type of violation charge against you dismissed.

  • How Mr. Ticket Does It

    Our practice strives hard to make the litigation process as easy and trouble-free for all of our clients as possible. We move quickly, and do everything we can to resolve your legal situation in a successful and cost-effective manner. All our cases are under the direct supervision of Amir Soleimanian. Our professional, reliable, and efficient legal staff is dedicated to making your legal experience a positive one. We make our services available to our clients across California 24 hours a day.


  • Extremely honest and super nice!

    After getting a red light ticket, I contacted Mr Ticket for help. They replied quickly and informed me of my options. I spoke with Munnee, who was really down to earth, honest, and extremely helpful. He answered my questions, even after letting me know that it actually made more sense for me to NOT use lawyers- how cool is that?! […]

    Amie from Los Angeles
  • Mr Ticket to the Rescue!!!

    Apparantly the ticketing officer was unwilling to withstand Amir’s examination on the stand, so he bailed and the ticket was dismissed. Works for me!!! So 100% kudos to Mr. Ticket!! Definitely an A+ operation. Strongly recommend.

    Lee G. from Glendora
  • Impressed with Services

    The Mr. Ticket services that I received were superior. They handled my case in such a timely manner, and with pure professionalism. I won my case, and was very impressed with the results. I would recommend the Mr. Ticket services to anyone looking to resolve a traffic citation.

    R. Jimenez, CA
  • CHP Ticket 65mph in a 55mph Dismissed!

    I had gotten a traffic ticket driving on my way to Lompoc and I thought I was screwed. I couldn’t go to traffic school because I had all ready done an 8hr and a 12 hr school for two previous tickets. Luckily I saw a sign while driving through L.A. that said to “call Mr. Ticket” …so I did. The […]