How you can fight a speeding ticket in California

Being issued a speeding ticket is stressful. Not only are you facing a monetary fine, but also points on your license. If you don\’t fight the ticket, your license will take a hit and any future citations could lead to a suspension of your driving privileges if you accrue enough points. Let\’s take a look at how you can fight a speeding ticket in today\’s post.

A common way many people fight speeding tickets is by claiming that they were speeding due to an emergency. Now, it will be difficult to prove this defense, especially if you don\’t have any evidence of an emergency at the time you were caught speeding by the police. Valid emergencies include transporting a woman in labor to the hospital, trying to outrun a wildfire and speeding away from someone intending to harm you.

Mistaken identity is another common way to fight a speeding ticket. You can argue that the police officer who pulled you over pulled over the wrong vehicle. It\’s very possible that a car similar to yours was driving near you when the traffic stop was initiated and the driver of that car was the one speeding, not you.

You can also challenge how your speed was determined by the police officer. Some radar guns are not effective enough to pinpoint a speeder within five miles of the speed limit. Officers use radar, sight, pacing and laser to determine the speed of passing vehicles.

Speeding tickets are handed out in the thousands every year in California. Make sure you know what is needed to fight such a ticket should you wind up with one after a traffic stop.

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